9 Tips to Keep Your Marble Flooring Clean and Shiny

The floor is the basic necessity of every home. Keeping our floor clean and tidy to last longer is very important. Different types of flooring are available in the market like wooden, tiles, marble, etc. Marble flooring is considered the most luxurious and expensive one out of all these floorings. Marble floors give a very rich and elegant look to your home. But, it is very important to take proper care of marble flooring. Otherwise, it will lose its shine and luster. Some amazing tips will help you keep your marble flooring clean and shiny, but before we study the cleaning tips first, let us see what damages the marble flooring. Several things can damage your marble flooring, such as:

  • Spills: Spills can leave marks and stains on your marble flooring, which can be very difficult to remove. So, it is very important to clean up spills immediately.
  • Dirt and Dust: It will become dull and lackluster if you allow dirt and dust to accumulate on your marble flooring.
  • Foot traffic: Too much foot traffic can also damage your marble flooring.

Now that we know what damages marble flooring let us look at some tips that will help you keep your marble flooring clean and shiny. Here are some tips to keep your marble flooring clean:

Vacuum Regularly

The vacuum removes all the dust and dirt accumulated on your floor. It is important to vacuum regularly to keep your marble flooring clean and shiny. Use a brush with a vacuum to clean the dirt from the corners and edges. It is also important to vacuum in the right direction. The wrong direction can damage your floor. In addition, make sure that the vacuum cleaner you are using is not too harsh on your floor. You may also use robotic vacuum cleaners to clean your floor.

Wipe Spills Immediately

It is important to wipe spills immediately. If you leave them, they will become hard to remove and can also damage your floor. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the spills. You can also use a sponge or paper towel. However, do not scrub the floor. At the same time, You should sweep or vacuum your floors daily. It will help to remove the dirt and dust that can build up on the surface of your floor. It is important to use a soft microfiber brush attachment when vacuuming not to damage the floor.

Use Doormats

Doormats are a great way to keep your marble flooring clean. They help remove the dirt and dust from your shoes before entering the house. It will help to keep your floor clean and free of dirt. Doormats also help to keep your feet clean and dry. Invest in some best doormats for your home. Also, make sure your mats are machine washable to clean them easily. You will find a wide range of doormats at home furnishing stores. And by using  CouponGot coupons and promos, you can get great discounts on your purchase.

Wipe Your Feet

Another way to keep your marble flooring clean is to wipe your feet before entering the house. It will help to remove the dirt and dust from your shoes. Wiping your feet will also help keep your floor clean and dirt-free. Dirty shoes can also damage the floor. They also make it more difficult to clean the floor. So make sure you wipe your feet before you enter the house. Keep an extra pair of slippers at the door to change into them when you come inside.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals.

Harsh chemicals can damage your marble flooring. When using a cleaning solution, dilute it well with water. You can also use mild dishwashing soap to clean your marble floors. Read the ingredients when you buy dishwashing soap to ensure it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Marble is a soft stone, and harsh chemicals can easily damage it. Therefore, it is important to use a pH-neutral cleaner when mopping your floor. You can buy a pH-neutral cleanser at any mart. And don’t forget to enter grocery coupons to buy them at a discounted price.

Use a Soft Cloth or Mop

When you clean your marble floor, use a soft cloth or mop. It will help to avoid scratching the surface of the floor. You should also avoid using a scrub brush on your marble floors as this can damage the stone. Buy a thick and soft microfiber mop from any store and use it to clean your floor. The more gentle you are with your marble floor, the longer it will last.

Don’t Use Vinegar or Other Acidic Cleaners.

Vinegar is a popular cleaning agent, but it is acidic. Therefore, you should avoid using vinegar or other acidic cleaners on your marble floors. If you want to use an acidic cleaner, dilute it with water. You should also rinse the floor with plenty of clean water after using an acidic cleaner. If you don’t, the acidic cleaner can damage your marble floors.

Use a Stone Sealer

You can use a stone sealer on your marble floors to protect them from stains and dirt. Sealing your marble floors will also make them easier to clean. You can buy stone sealers from most home improvement stores. Also, don’t get fooled by using Wax. Wax can make your marble floors look shiny and new, but it can also damage them. Wax can dull the finish of your marble floors, making them more difficult to clean. If you want to add shine to your marble floors, use a stone polish instead.

Dry the Floor Thoroughly

After you have cleaned your marble floor, make sure to dry it thoroughly. Moisture can damage marble and cause it to stain. Use a soft and thick cloth to dry the floor. You can also use a hairdryer in a cool setting to help speed up the process. Wet floors are also more slippery, so it’s important to make sure they’re dry before anyone walks on them.

It’s a Wrap!

Marble is the perfect material for a beautiful and luxurious floor. But, like all things in life, it requires some maintenance to stay looking its best. 6You can keep your marble floors clean and shiny for years by following these simple tips! Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful.

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