Can I get revenue for old YouTube videos?

We’ve all got those embarrassing old YouTube videos from before. But what if I told you those films might bring in money for you?

If you have old YouTube videos, you might be curious about how much money you can make from them. Yes, that is the answer. As long as they are monetized, outdated YouTube videos can still generate income.

I’ll show you how to monetize your old YouTube videos in this article so you can start making money off of them. I’ll also debunk a few widespread misconceptions concerning YouTube revenue.

So continue reading if you can earn money from your older YouTube videos.

What conditions must be met to profit from your old YouTube videos?

A few conditions must be met for outdated YouTube videos to generate income. The videos must have been uploaded after February 18, 2009, and they must be monetized. They also need to have at least 1000 views. 

You can get money from your old YouTube videos if you match these criteria.

How can I monetize my older YouTube videos?

There are various methods to profit from your old YouTube videos. Depending on the video’s age and substance, you may make money via advertising, sponsorships, or even selling it.

The most typical way to profit from YouTube videos is through advertising. 

To promote your films, you can join the YouTube Partner Programme. 

After that, money from your films’ ads will go to you.

Another approach to monetizing your YouTube videos is with sponsorships. You might approach businesses or brands that complement your channel nicely and discuss a sponsorship opportunity.

Your old YouTube videos can also be sold. You can sell a video to another YouTuber or a third-party site if it no longer makes you money.

What are some typical misconceptions regarding monetizing YouTube?

Several aspects of YouTube monetization might be improved. To help you better understand how YouTube monetization functions and how you may monetize your videos, we’ll bust some of the most prevalent misunderstandings about it in this post.

 Myth 1: To start making money on YouTube, you need a lot of views.

Said it is untrue. With just a few thousand views, you may begin making money from your films. However, you don’t need millions of views to begin making a respectable living from YouTube. Of course, the more views you have, the more money you can make.

Myth #2: You should be part of a Youtube partner program for monetizing your videos.

Mistake again! You don’t have to be a YouTube partner to start making money from your videos. Anybody can make money off of their videos in other ways.

What are the advantages of making money off of outdated YouTube videos?

The advantages of making money from outdated YouTube videos are numerous.

  •  One benefit is that it might assist you in monetizing your material and generating cash from prior work.
  •  It can also increase your channel’s total earnings, enabling you to expand and draw in more viewers.
  • Finally, it can give you a consistent income that you can use to support future endeavors and keep producing fresh material.

You may use several methods to monetize outdated YouTube videos that no longer bring in money.

  • You could include adverts in your films.
  • You may also sign up for a YouTube Partner Programme, which enables you to make money from your videos by getting viewers to click and watch your ads.
  • Finally, if you already offer a product or service, you may sell goods or products through your videos.

These approaches were already covered in this article.

How can you use the YouTube Partner Programme to get money from outdated videos?

You may earn money from your old YouTube videos. Did you know that?

You can still monetize videos that aren’t getting any traffic through the YouTube Partner Programme. Below is how:

  • Join the YouTube Partner Programme first. To get started, follow the following things.
  • Your channel must fulfill qualifying standards, such as having 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours in the previous 12 months.
  • You can earn money from your films after being admitted to the programme. You may include ad breaks or short commercials between your videos.
  • The advertisements throughout your videos will bring in money for you. Your earnings will vary depending on several variables, including the sort of advertisement and its length.

What advantages come with having older YouTube videos monetized?

The monetization of old YouTube videos has several advantages.

  • One benefit is that it could boost your earnings. Monetizing your old films might help you make some additional cash if you have many of them and they generate fewer views than they once did.
  • It also helps in extending the reach and awareness of your business. Monetizing your older films might help you attract a new audience if they are still being seen.
  • Finally, monetizing your older videos can support the continued existence of your channel. Having paid videos might aid in your regaining some traction if you stopped being active on YouTube for a spell.

What kind of YouTube videos should we produce to boost our earnings there?

You can make a few distinct kinds of YouTube videos that have the potential to be profitable. The first category involves creating videos that will amuse or interest viewers. It could contain comedic skits, music videos, or other videos that people will likely watch and share.

The second kind of video offers viewers value by being informative or educational. It could consist of product evaluations, expert interviews, or instructional films. People who want to learn something new or like to solve problems watch these videos.

The last option is to produce branded content that advertises a good, service, or brand. It could consist of brand ambassadors, sponsored films, or product placement.

Making films on these subjects helps you make money on YouTube if you have a good or service you wish to market.


Old YouTube videos can still generate income. The amount of cash will, however, undoubtedly fluctuate based on various variables, including the age of the video, the number of YouTube views, and the caliber of the material. It is suggested and crucial to frequently produce fresh, high-quality material to maximize your ability to make money from your YouTube videos.

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