Common Plastic Business Cards Mistakes Everyone Makes

Business cards can open new doors for your brand. When you meet someone at a conference, event, or personal meeting, it is better to exchange contact information with the hope to form a business relationship. This is when sharing business cards can help.

When it comes to grabbing more leads for your business, first impressions mean a lot. So, you need to make sure you are not making any of these mistakes.

Choosing Poor Quality Material

It is crucial that you create a good first impression. But poor-quality business card printing implies your service is of low quality and unorganized. It repels potential customers.

Moreover, poor-quality paper is not even going to last in the long run. If you hand out business cards that are feather-light. Most cardholders spoil the cards after you distribute them by keeping them in their purse or wallets.

Paper or plastic business cards have to be durable. Get the cards printed with high-quality paper.

Choosing Low-Quality Images

Your brand or business is going to be represented by your square business cards, physically. In case your business card is looking cheap, recipients can associate the brand with being inferior. Poor-quality images will give the impression that your brand offers poor products and services.

Low-quality images can reflect poorly on the work of your business. Place yourself in the shoes of your client and what they are going to think of a card with pixelated images.

Plastic business card printing is an affordable marketing technique but you can hurt the brand image by printing poor-quality images.

Printing Letters that are Too Tiny to Read

In case you are exchanging business information with your partner, client, or customer, do not make them use a magnifying glass to read the business card you have printed. So, you have to choose the right font size for your square business card printing.

You might want to fit in as much information as possible about the business on the business cards but adding micro-text pages might not help. Often, individuals find it difficult to read. Hence, you should keep the language straightforward and clear.

If you are choosing a smaller font size for your business is only going to make it more difficult for your potential customers to discern what has been written.

Poor Business Card Design

Apart from having low-quality images, having a poor design for the business cards can be a big mistake. In case you plan to design the card all by yourself, do not make the mistake of choosing a grey print against a white backdrop. One of the worst business card designs are the ones, which stand out against everything else.

If it fails to grab the attention of the intended recipients, its existence doesn’t matter. So, you should invest in hiring a graphic designer to design a business cards for you. Cards should be made in such a way that the recipients clearly identify the company, what it has to offer, and how it stands out from its competitors.

Cards Loaded Too Much Information

You should always keep it simple. Business cards are small marketing materials. Hence, you should not make the mistake of stuffing them with too much information. Rather, you should keep it simple. Make sure you are including important details for your potential customers.

Check the most crucial details you should add-

  • Company
  • Logo
  • Brand value propositions or promises
  • Job titles
  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Website URL

A general rule of thumb is to save sharing your hobbies and personal interest for an interview, cover letter, or resume. In case you include personal interests or hobbies, you can easily overload the card.

A cluttered business cards can make it more difficult to read. Too much text can even deter your potential customer deter from reading the card.

Make your business card simple, clean, and the most basic component of the brand. By avoiding these mistakes, you can make your card more user-friendly.

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