Discover Different Types & Styles Of Eyelash Extension

Eyes are often considered the windows of the soul, and what are the better ways to frame these captivating features than luscious and fluttery eyelashes? While mascara and false lashes are temporary ways to achieve a long and voluminous look, semi-permanent solutions have taken the beauty world by storm. Eyelash extensions are a wonderful way to transform your eye appearance. They are semi-permanent, safe, and effective solutions to dull and tiny lashes. One of the major reasons behind their popularity is that they are entirely customizable. The lashes technicians will choose the right style that suits your face and preferences.

In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating world of eyelash extensions, explore the different staples available and help you choose the perfect one according to your natural beauty. Want beautiful eyes? They are just an appointment away! You need to search ‘lashes near me’ and proceed further!

Types Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the simplest way to revamp your look. The best eyelash extension can save you time & money and make you picture-perfect all the time. They can be divided into four types; classic, volume, Hybrid, and wispy. You can choose according to your requirements. We are explaining all four in the following section.


Classic eyelash extensions are one on one extensions, which means individual extensions are applied to the natural ones to enhance the look of the natural lash. The best part is they look natural and are the most popular choice for people who want to uplift their natural lash a bit by making them longer and thicker.


Volume extensions are a group of very thin extensions applied to individual natural lashes. A group of lashes or fans may contain from 2 to 6 lashes, which makes them thicker and more dramatic than the classic one. These are mostly preferred by people who love even more voluminous lashes.


Coming to the next type of eyelash extensions, which is Hybrid. The simplest way to describe hybrid lashes is – they are a blend of Classic and Volume lashes. The classic is applied on the natural lashes, and volume is applied on the classic ones to make the lashes more denser.


Wispy lashes are more of a style of eyelash extensions. They combine classic and volume eyelash extensions of different lengths. These types of extensions are asymmetrical but look natural.

Now it is time to look at the styles of eyelash extensions.

Styles Of Eyelash Extensions

If you want to achieve a gorgeous look, you must choose the right type and style of the lashes. Here are the most popular styles of extensions that you should know.

  1. Natural eyelash extensions
  2. Doll-eye eyelash extensions
  3. Cat eyelash extensions
  4. Squirrel style
  5. Staggered eyelash extensions
  6. Colored eyelash extensions

How To Choose The Best Eyelash Extensions Style For Your Face?

Here are the most popular eyelash extension styles described as per the eye shape. Read it carefully to choose the best eyelash extension style for your eye type.

Natural eyelash extensions

Natural eyelash extensions are perfect for almond and upturned eyes. If the perfect length, curl, and thickness are chosen, they work best for enhancing the natural lashes.

Doll-eye eyelash extensions

Doll-eye eyelash extension suits narrow, small, almond, and wide-set eyes. They combine the different lengths of lashes, placing shorter eyelashes at the corner of the eyes and longer in the middle to make them denser.

Cat eyelash extensions

This eyelash extension style is shorter in the middle of the eyes and longer in the corner. Individuals with almond, round, upturned eyes and close-set eyes prefer this style.

Squirrel style

Squirrel style is very similar to cat eyelash extensions; the only difference is that the lashes are not the longest in the outer but rather above the outer half of the iris.

Staggered eyelash extensions

It resembles Wispy eyelash extensions, in which extensions of different lengths are placed on the natural lashes to give volume and thickness. They look pretty and can be considered by any eye shape.

Colored eyelash extensions

These are colored eyelash extensions that can be done in any color, such as purple, dark blue, orange, ombre, etc. Colored eyelash extensions are suitable for anyone who likes this style.

Now you know everything about eyelash extensions, choose the best type and style according to your eye type and preference and flaunt yourself.

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