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Dubai is the jewel of the Middle East and the most famous of the emirates in the UAE. It is a major international centre for trade, commerce, entertainment and leisure. It is hardly surprising that expats come to Dubai from all over the world as tourists, business people and working professionals looking for jobs. Large numbers of expat professionals who work in Dubai live there with their families as the place boasts very high living standards comparable with the best in the world. Also, it has some great Montessori and nursery schools as well as primary school in Dubai. Let’s take a look-

The best Montessori, Nursery and Primary schools in Dubai

1. Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School is amongst the best international school in Dubai offering a world class education to students from the pre nursery school level to the high school level. It offers the well known Global Montessori Plus as well as CBSE curricula. As regards its infrastructure, the school is as good as the best in the world and its teachers too are outstanding.

The school provides the most holistic education paying equal attention to both academics and extracurricular activities. Global Indian International School Dubai is run by the well known GIIS network of international schools with excellent institutions around the world. It is not surprising that GIIS Dubai is quite a hit with the expats living in Dubai. They especially like the fact that its students regularly obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world. 

2. American School of Dubai

American School of Dubai is one of the leading nursery and primary schools in Dubai and especially popular with the expats. It provides a world class education from the pre-nursery to the high school level. The school follows the American curriculum comprising core subjects which make it possible for students to seek admission to American colleges. They also get to study many elective subjects allowing them to explore their own potential in finding their calling.

The school boasts excellent infrastructure replete with all kinds of facilities and some really good teachers. American School of Dubai is easily amongst the most sought after when it comes to expat children living in Dubai seeking an American education.

3. Buds Public School Dubai

Buds Public School Dubai is one of the best senior secondary schools in Dubai. This coed English medium school offers classes from LKG to standard 12. The school is known not just for its excellent academics, but also for its range of extracurricular activities. It is extremely popular with the expat Indian community living in Dubai on account of the fact that it offers the premier Indian curriculum CBSE.

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The school has fantastic infrastructure and some of the best teachers anywhere. It also boasts a fine track record with regard to placement of its students in some of the best colleges and universities. 

4. Dubai International Academy

Dubai International Academy offers the International Baccalaureate curriculum which is very popular with the expat students.The school provides a world class primary and secondary education through its primary years, middle years and diploma programs. 

With one of the best academic records in the region, most of its students are able to get admission to colleges as prestigious as Princeton and Yale. It is hardly surprising then that the school is amongst the best known of all the international schools in Dubai in every sense of the term. 


Dubai is one of the most outstanding cities in the Middle East. Not only is it known for its fabulous wealth and glitzy lifestyles that its people enjoy, it is also a land of immense opportunity beckoning people from all over the world to come to its shores and find a dream life for themselves. Luckily they can do so with their families as Dubai apparently has some of the best Montessori Nursery, primary and secondary international schools in the world. 

As a matter of fact the city has schools that cater to the diverse educational needs of students from most parts of the world. The city is, in fact, quite a global hub of education in this regard with its students going on to achieve great things in life. Going forward one can expect Dubai schools to continue to play a sterling role in shaping the destinies of young people from every corner of the globe.

If it were not for all the fantastic schools that Dubai boasts, it would not be possible for expats from all over the world to take up employment in the emirate on account of their children’s education. But the schools of Dubai mean that they can rest assured that their children’s education will not suffer. There is quite a culture of excellence in Dubai’s schools that only augurs well for their students.

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