Full guide on free download Rufus tool software

free download Rufus tool software

Here is everything you should know about creating bootable USB drives. This is what you must have if you were looking for a perfect way of building USB drives. Creating bootable USB flash drives using Free Download Rufus tool Software is faster twice than all other similar tools. The latest version 3.21 of the utility can be downloaded for free from the web. It is just a 1.3 MB size file and can only run on Windows-based computers or laptops. Users can use any flash drive with this such as memory sticks, pen drives or USB keys, or whatever.

It offers everything that we wish even as a tiny file. Anyone who is interested can set up the utility on a Windows PC and follow further guidelines in order to build related drives.

What is free download Rufus tool software?

This is the best choice for those who wish to build bootable USB drives fast and with no trouble. It is a well-designed utility that was developed and introduced by Pete Batard. Nowadays creating USB drives is not difficult for having such well-designed utilities. Anyone can download Rufus for free latest version from the original page of the developer or from any other recommended source.

This is the most popular and the fastest of all similar USB drive creators in the market. Even the user interface is simple and anyone can go through the guidelines and make it in minutes. The only requirement is Windows XP to Windows 11 running 32bit or 64bit PC or laptop.download Rufus tool software Another best thing about the tool is it supports more than 30 global languages.

What’s more?

download Rufus tool software and installation are quite simple. It is a simple package that can be set up and open right away. The UI has separated sections to display each and every detail related to the operation. Knowing each part of the UI is very important. Do not be in a hurry to decide the importance of whatever info that is displayed. Remember to go through a complete step guide before starting Rufus.


What is Rufus portable and regular?

When you are ready to download the utility, you can find it in two versions as regular and portable.

It is better to make clear what is the difference between download Rufus tool software and regular editions. When you use the portable edition, it will build rufus.ini by default. At that point, you do not have to try it by yourself. But the regular edition does not create rufus.ini at all. That is the only difference between these versions. There is no other considerable dissimilarity between them. The performance and everything else is similar.

Free download Rufus tool software

We suggest you visit the page of Pete Batard or else rufusdownload.com to download Rufus tool software the original latest version. It is absolutely free and safe. The 1.3 MB size file can be brought to your Windows machine and creates drives. Users can make the process smooth when they are with the most recent version.

Once downloading the file will complete, you can set it up and launch the interface. Find out three main sections of the UI as Device Properties, Format Options, and Status. While the first two sections will display info related to the connected device and the process, the final section stands for the current status of the process.

Before starting the process, it is better to make sure that you know each section here and what info should be filled in. When the operation will start, it will notify in the Status section in green.

Important facts to remember

  • Signatures of each executable version will state as “Akeo Consulting” and “Pete Batard – Open Source Developer” for version 1.3.0 or higher and version 1.2.0 or earlier
  • download Rufus tool software
  • Only version 1.1.0 and later let you build bootable USB with an ISO file
  • Those who are using a non-US keyboard will have to select a keyboard layout in keeping with the locale of the system when working with a DOS bootable drive. It is FreeDOS that you have to enter as recommended between MS-DOS and FreeDOS. It is the default selection as well. It is because it can deal with more keyboard layouts
  • Rufus 2022 download Rufus tool software cannot use with Mac OS X, Linux, or any other OS except Windows. Using it on a Windows virtual machine is a bit difficult unless you are an expert. And even it takes time and makes the process long
  • Start and Cancel buttons are available at the bottom of the user interface. When the process will begin, the Cancel button will change to end the process and Close the UI
  • When the utility detects the connected device, a notification as “1 device found” will display at the bottom of the interface
  • Anyone who wishes to try this in their own language check if the developer confirmed it in the supported language list. So you can go through guidelines easily
  • For Windows, Ubuntu, and Slackware it only takes 03.25, 01.15, and 20.15 minutes as tested and proved by the developer. It is comparably more rapid than any other common bootable USB drive builder


Final words

Free download Rufus tool software is the fastest that even proved its rapidity for building bootable USB drives in the market. As recommended, computers or laptops running Windows XP or later can set up the utility and work with it. Windows is the only recommended platform for that. But of course, it can be used to create files for Mac, Linux, and other operating systems as well. The tool file can download Rufus tool software in 1.3 MB size. It is totally free and safe.

However, this is the easiest way to create USB drives. The simple interface will let anyone easily handle it. This tiny file will be the best USB drive creator that you ever encountered. To get the best from it, do not forget to always find the most recent version. At the moment, the developer did not confirm Rufus for any other platform apart from Windows. 

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