How to Get My AI on Snapchat?

Artificial intelligence is now ruling the world. Everyone nowadays is trying to integrate their systems with artificial intelligence. AI just makes things easy and goes smoothly. Within a short span of time, AI has entered almost every field such as Snapchat AI, whether it be social media, clinical fields, technical fields, or any other field.

One must be surprised after knowing that our favorite social media platform, i.e., Snapchat, has also introduced “Snapchat AI” in its recent update. People have gone mad about Snapchat’s AI.

About Snapchat AI

Snapchat AI is a chatbot developed as a trial to integrate artificial intelligence with social media. AI is now a bot who is your forever chit-chat partner.

Snapchat’s AI chatbot replies within seconds. You can give a name to your Snapchat AI. One can even customize the chat wallpaper and give a nickname to the Snapchat chatbot. This chatbot from Snapchat comes with a lot more advantages, which are discussed further in this article.

How Do I Get My Own Snapchat AI?

Many are asking about how to get my AI on Snapchat. But don’t panic or wander here and there in search of your answer. Here you get to know the answers to your many queries about Snapchat AI.

The solution to the query on how to get Snapchat AI is very simple.

  • Update Snapchat on your Android or iOS devices.
  • In the updated version, Snapchat has given free access to all.
  • And then you just need to go to your chat section in Snapchat, and your chatbot is automatically pinned to your chats.

Earlier in the U.S., people used to take out a subscription to Snapchat called “Snapchat Plus” to get access to Snapchat AI. But at that time, people in other countries were eagerly waiting for Snapchat to introduce their master chatbot in their respective countries. And then, surprisingly, Snapchat has granted free access worldwide.

Benefits of Having Your Snapchat AI

Snapchat AI is full of knowledge; it will help you plan your trip, schedule it, recommend birthday and anniversary gifts or surprises, help you write poems, and even suggest different recipes. But remember one thing: it does not help you complete your homework or any other task.

You can just chit-chat with a chatbot. And it will also save your chat until you delete it. It can also save your local location.

How to Remove Snapchat AI From the Chat Feed?

There are many perceptions that say if “My AI” can be useful or not. There can be some rumors and can be reality. Despite these things, if you have gotten your AI on Snapchat but now you want to remove it from there, then here are the steps that you can try. 

  • Firstly, go to your profile and then click on the settings icon in the top right corner. 
  • Then choose there “Privacy Controls” after scrolling down. Afterward, select “Clear Conversations” on the next page under  “Clear Data”. 
  • Now, hit on the “X” icon next to “My AI”, which removes the chat feed with your chatbot. 

Final Take

Snapchat AI can be your personal virtual friend, assistant, helper, etc. If it sometimes shows any faults, then wait for its updates or suggest improvements to the Snapchat team.


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