Indications, Side Effects and Principle of Action for Imovane 7.5 mg

This article contains important information about the indications, side effects, and principle of action for Imovane 7.5 mg. It is written to help you take the medicine safely and effectively.

The recommended dose for adults is 3.75 mg (one-half of a 7.5 mg tablet) at bedtime just before retiring for the night. This can be increased to 5 or 7.5 mg if advised by your doctor.


The tablets contain 7.5 mg of zopiclone as the active ingredient.

They also contain the inactive ingredients calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, wheat starch (gluten), sodium starch glycollate, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, and macrogol 6000.

Dose: The usual dose is half a tablet at bedtime just before retiring for the night. Your doctor will tell you exactly how much to take.

Taking too much of this medicine can make you sleepy and cause unwanted side effects. These can include sleepwalking, or other unusual behaviors while you are asleep, which have been associated with serious injuries and death.

Older people, patients with liver or kidney problems, and those who are taking other medicines can be more sensitive to this medicine. If you are taking other medicines, your doctor may change the dose of Imovane to reduce the chance of these side effects.

This medicine can make you drowsy, so you should not drive a car or operate machinery for 12 hours after taking it. This is especially true if you are over 65 and unwell or taking other medicines that make you drowsy.

Principle of action

Imovane is a short-acting hypnotic agent of the benzodiazepine class.

It is an effective agent for treating insomnia, a common sleep disorder that interferes with your life by preventing you from getting the rest you need. However, it does have some unwanted side effects.

The most common side effect is drowsiness. It can also make you forget things.

This is especially true if you take this medicine at bedtime. You should wait at least 12 hours after you take it before driving or performing other activities that require complete alertness, such as work or study.

You should not drive or operate potentially dangerous machinery after taking a dose of this medication, even if you feel fully awake. This may increase the chance of having an accident or injury.

For this reason, be sure to tell everyone who may be in the vicinity of your car or machine that you are taking Imovane 7.5 mg. You should also wear a seatbelt while driving or operating a vehicle, bicycle, or another type of bicycle.

Dosage and administration:

The recommended dosage of Imovane is 3.75 mg (one-half of a 7.5 mg tablet) taken at bedtime. A further 5 mg may be considered in appropriate cases if clinically warranted.

Special populations: The dose in elderly, debilitated patients, and/or patients with liver or kidney problems should be no more than 5 mg. Elderly patients are more susceptible to adverse reactions resulting from high levels of drowsiness and other effects of zopiclone.

Pregnancy: IMOVANE is not recommended for use during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, or think you might be, tell your doctor.

Taking IMOVANE with other medicines that affect your mental alertness can result in severe drowsiness, decreased awareness, breathing problems, and coma. This is a risk when IMOVANE is combined with opioids or other benzodiazepine medicines.

IMOVANE should be taken at bedtime just before retiring for the night. Do not take more than the prescribed amount or re-administer it during the same night. Contact your doctor or Poisons Information Centre (in Australia call 13 11 26 or in New Zealand call 0800 POISON, 0800 764 766) for advice.

Side effects

Zopiclone increases the normal transmission of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the central nervous system, via modulating GABAA receptors similar to benzodiazepine drugs.

Compared to benzodiazepines, zopiclone has less sedative and depressant effects on cognitive function. However, these effects can still be observed in elderly patients (see DRUG ADMINISTRATION).

Older people are more sensitive to several side effects. These include drowsiness, dizziness, impaired coordination, and accidental events/falls.

Elderly patients should be given the lowest dose possible to reduce the risk of drowsiness, dizziness, and impaired coordination. Inappropriate, heavy sedation can also result in unconsciousness/coma and death.

Buy zopiclone tablets has been reported to cause complex sleep-related behaviors such as “sleep-driving”, where the patient leaves their bed after taking a sedative-hypnotic and drives, unaware that they are not fully awake.

This is most likely due to the combination of hypnotic drugs with alcohol and other CNS depressants. Moreover, patients with a history of sleepwalking should be treated with caution while taking IMOVANE.

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