Know About the Best Carrom Boards in India

Playing carrom is pretty well-known in the Indian Subcontinent. Twenty million people in India play this game. Today, we can download free carrom games from online sites and play anytime and anywhere. Carrom board download has become smooth enough if you own a smartphone. Thus, it is good news for carrom lovers. 

What are the Variations of Carrom Board Games?

Carrom is a game played by the masses since WWI. It is almost certain that almost everyone has played the free carrom game. It is a favorite pastime game for people of all ages in India. In the earlier time, online carrom was not available. 

There are different variations of carrom board games in India. One of them is the Total point carrom, which is very common where the black coins carry five points each, the white ten points, and the red queen, the highest, fifty points. 

Another variety is the family-point carrom, which is very popular when there is an odd number of players. The queen carries twenty-five points only instead of fifty in this variant.

The Top Carrom Boards in India

There are a variety of options available to select from carrom board materials and brands. Some of them are:

  1. GSI shiny finish full carrom board: It is among the top carrom boards in India and is popular for its slick surface and fantastic rebounding abilities. Because of its strong back support, the flatness is maintained, and no chances of warping. It is considered best because of its long life and excellent finishing.

  2. Play rabbit carrom boards: It is one of the best-known companies to choose from online. It has a smooth playing surface and an excellent re-bounce feel. These boards are water-resistant, and the matte polish gives them a long life.

  3. Magic Gold: It is one of the renowned manufacturers of carrom boards worldwide. Premium timbers are used for constructing these boards. These boards contain a few extra coins in addition to the regular ones, and it also gives you a stand, which is an added advantage.

    Synco Carrom Board: It is one of the most popular brands of carrom board that provide high-quality carrom boards and carrom accessories. The unique quality of these boards includes their huge pockets and large coin storage capacity.

  4. Precise Carrom Board: It is one of the top manufacturers in India. The back of these boards is robust. The sturdy hardwood case included below guarantees a long lifespan and prevents warping. These boards consist of superior-quality materials. They are waterproof, scratch-free and have pleasant playing surfaces. This company offers a wide range of sizes of boards to choose from

  5. Sucro: It is also a premium brand in carrom board manufacturing. Sucro uses Indian Plywood for manufacturing carrom boards. Because of its smooth surface, the striker can move easily over the board. Sucro Ellora boards are ideal if you want to purchase them for youths.

  6. Stag Club Plywood Carrom Board: These are made from the hoses of a stag and are the best option for indoor clubs. They are best for spending quality moments with your friends. It consists of plywood, and the flat surface makes striking very easy.

  7. KD Sports Golden Carrom Board Antique Indoor Board Game: It is another top manufacturer of carrom boards. They consist of wood of Birch plywood. These antique plywood boards’ look and quality are extraordinary. Thus, the Carrom Federation prefer them for playing tournaments across the globe. These boards have very smooth surfaces and superb re-bounce capacities.


Even though there are many different types of carrom games available offline, many people today prefer playing free online versions since you can compete with other players and earn real money. Additionally, Carrom board download offers benefits. We don’t have to transport bulky boards and equipment. As a result, many people love playing free carrom games online while also making a living.

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