Savor the Flavor at Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern in Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. This charming establishment is a haven for those seeking delicious drinks and mouthwatering bites in a cozy, inviting setting. Whether you’re craving a juicy burger, a classic hot dog, or one of the signature dishes crafted by the talented chefs, Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Located at 749 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211, United States, this beloved tavern has become a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike. The warm ambiance, friendly staff, and delectable menu offerings make it the perfect spot to unwind with friends or enjoy a memorable dining experience. Join us at Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern and savor the flavor of Brooklyn in every sip and bite.

At Not Today Maybe Tomorrow Tavern , the menu is a delightful fusion of classic comfort foods and innovative creations. One standout dish is the mouthwatering burger, crafted with premium beef and topped with savory cheese and fresh veggies. Each bite is a symphony of flavors that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

If you’re in the mood for a quick and satisfying bite, don’t miss out on their signature hot dog. This iconic classic is elevated to a whole new level at the tavern, with a delicious blend of juicy sausage and zesty condiments. It’s the perfect choice for a casual meal that packs a punch of flavor in every bite.

Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern also offers a variety of refreshing drinks to complement your meal. From craft cocktails to ice-cold beers, their beverage selection is designed to enhance your dining experience and keep you coming back for more. Be sure to pair your meal with one of their specialty drinks for the ultimate taste sensation.


Step into Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern and instantly feel the warm, inviting atmosphere envelop you. The dimly lit space exudes a cozy charm, with rustic wooden tables and plush leather seating creating a welcoming environment for guests to unwind and enjoy their drinks and meals.

The decor at Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern strikes the perfect balance between modern and vintage, with exposed brick walls adorned with quirky artwork and eclectic lighting fixtures that give the space a unique character. The soothing background music sets the mood for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or settling in for a leisurely evening, Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern offers a laid-back ambiance that encourages conversation and connection. The friendly staff and relaxed vibe make it easy to feel right at home, creating the perfect setting to savor delicious food and drinks in the heart of Brooklyn.

Live Music Events

At Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern, the vibrant atmosphere is complemented by the regular live music events that take place throughout the week. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, rock, or indie tunes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy as talented musicians take the stage to entertain the crowd.

The cozy setting of the tavern provides the perfect backdrop for these live performances, creating an intimate and inviting space where you can sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the music. The combination of great music, delicious drinks, and tasty food ensures a memorable experience for all patrons.

If you’re looking to unwind after a long day or simply want to enjoy some quality live music in a laid-back setting, be sure to check out the upcoming events at Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Tavern. With a lineup of talented artists and a welcoming atmosphere, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time at this Brooklyn gem. For additional information, visit :

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