Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinets should be replaced or upgraded timely so that you can store your daily essentials in them. You should add functional shelves in the cabinets so that you can store kitchenware and serving ware separately.

This will prevent you to mix up kitchen essentials thereby saving a lot of time and energy.

If you are planning to remodel kitchen San Jose, then you should contact White Remodeling. Now, let us understand a few popular kitchen cabinet styles for your dream kitchen.

White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are very popular these days. They can make your kitchen look clean and simple, and match any type of kitchen space. You can add a high-gloss or create a textured, antique look if you are going with a painted type.

Choose cabinets with handles or paneling to add that beautiful look to your kitchen.

Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are very functional and give a contemporary look to your kitchen. These are often found in a more modern kitchen and come in light colors. If you want a kitchen cabinet design that complements your space, then this is the right one.

Shaker-style cabinets feature flat-paneled doors with higher-quality wood, which give a classic look to your kitchen.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional cabinetry gives a vintage look to your space. This type of cabinet features raised panels, arches, and sometimes beadboard details to give your kitchen an unmatched look.

You can often find traditional cabinets in dark wood tones, classic maple, or painted so that they can match the neutral colors of the kitchen space.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey colors can easily match any type of kitchen layout. Grey color does not look so distressed when becomes worn out or old. It can give a streamlined and minimalistic look to your kitchen area.

Country-Style Cabinets

If you are focussing on usability, then a countryside kitchen is perfect for you. These cabinets focus on durability, often using hickory, maple, pine, or oak.

In a Country-style kitchen, you can find different colors like whites, creams, reds, browns, or even a bit of mint/light blue on both the cabinets and walls.

These cabinet faces feature raised-panel doors, decorative panels, or even glass-front to give them a charming and country-style look.

French Country Cabinets

The French Country cabinets create a cozy vibe in your kitchen area. They have ornate carvings on cabinet faces, arches, and decorative furnishings. Typically, they are made with natural material, showing wear and grain.

Some kitchens also use distressing techniques on the wood to create a natural, antique look. These cabinets often have beige, brown, and white/off-white, with pastel accents.

Rustic Cabinets

As the name suggests, a rustic design is very traditional. These cabinets feature darker colors, wood graining, and often maple, hickory, oak, or cherry.

A rustic design creates a warm and welcoming feel in your kitchen area.

Contemporary / Modern Cabinets

Contemporary and Modern designs are minimalist and refined. You can give a simple and sleek look to your space without the variety of finishes, trims, crown moldings, or raised panels.

Contemporary/modern cabinets feature clean, tall front surfaces and typically in blacks, grey, or whites to give a ‘monochromatic’ feel in the kitchen space.

Off-White Cabinets

If you do not like pure white cabinets but want to add elegance to your kitchen, then you can go with this option. These types of cabinets can give a vintage look to your kitchen. They often come in off-white or cream colors with bold features.

Glass-Front Cabinets

They use glass in the cabinetry so that you can showcase the elements of your kitchen and creates depth in smaller spaces. However, they are highly priced and need more maintenance.

Raised-Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Raise-Panel kitchen cabinets are exactly as their name states! Rather than a flat, one-dimensional surface, this cabinet style has varied paneling and ridges, often coupled with eye-catching arches.

Craftsman Style Cabinets

Craftsman-style cabinetry feature simplicity, straight lines, and quality craftsmanship. They use high-quality and durable materials. If you want to go with heavier woods, functionality, and precision, this is the best option for you.

Mission-Style Cabinets

These cabinets come with minimalistic panels and straight lines to give your space an elegant look. They are also very durable as they use the highest quality wood and construction.


If you are confused about how to choose the right cabinet design for your kitchen, then you can contact our professional kitchen remodelers to get a clear idea about the same.

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