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Mini concrete is the term the construction industry attribute to the small batch concrete delivery suppliers who are offering these services. They are the ones who provide concrete in smaller batches just enough to suit their clients’ small-scale projects.

The concrete provided by these suppliers is perfect for driveways, foundations, footings, paths, and many other general concreting projects and other smaller-scale concreting projects.

Typically, these small concrete suppliers make their concrete using quality cement, sand, and the same well-chosen aggregate materials to ensure that small project clients could get the best mix for their own construction and DIY projects.

Typically, too, these companies offer a wide variety of mix designs to meet any specialty project, custom specifications or regular day to day customer needs. 

Delivery / materials

These small-scale providers offer top quality pre-mixed concrete to large and small job sites. They have a fleet of concrete trucks in varying sizes to ensure they can deliver just the right amount of pre-mixed concrete for the client’s requirements. 

The mixing of the concrete is also done using locally sourced sand, stone and cement in standard mixes or customized for their clients’ projects. This is one boost to the local DIY handyman who has the same professionally mixed quality concrete that the big commercial job sites use, this time at a cost-effective price.


Typically, their services are reliable and convenient especially for small-scale projects that are usually home DIYs (do it yourself projects), driveways, patios, or some small-scale repair work in their homes.

These concrete mixes services are just as good and reliable as well as being convenient. Some well-experienced suppliers even offer their professional advice on the right mix for their clients’ project and all custom-mixed and delivered accordingly.

The best ones offer their custom mixing services and delivering all these right at your project sites. 

These suppliers usually got the right concrete for the job at competitive prices. This is whether the client needs a standard mix using top quality local sand and metal, colored concrete, or even a high strength custom mix with specialized additive for a particular purpose.


The production of their concrete materials is usually ready for their concrete forany project mobile concrete batch plant.

 These suppliers usually have their mobile and stationary concrete batch plants built to maximize productivity, the quality of their clients’ mix, and geared for better return on investment.

All of these are for servicing the industrial projects of clients as well as those doing their local single house projects or home subdivision. 


These suppliers are currently operating with over 50 – 10 cubic yard mixer trucks to fit the needs of any customer project. Many suppliers also have locations on both ends of the city to better support East/West side commitments.

Some have added service trucks include 5.0 cubic meters, and six wheel concrete trucks to cater for larger commercial projects. For smaller DIY projects, they are equipped with 1.2 cubic meter mini trucks. 

These mini concrete suppliers have their own built-in advantages.


Going to compact places where structures are located much closer than is normal, the usual normal-sized concrete delivery trucks may not be able to access the project sites of their clients.

The 2-cubic meter trucks of these smaller concrete suppliers can easily access sites that big trucks cannot. In terms of saving time and money, these smaller trucks are perfect for the job.


For competitive reasons, some of these suppliers offer to deliver their concrete as early as within the first 24 hours of contact. This is what they sometime call same-day or next-day delivery service.

For added bonus, these truck deliveries are sometimes accompanied by an experienced, professional team that is ready to answer your questions and share their knowledge to help you improve your projects.

Clients can also enjoy fresh concrete through their mixing on-site concrete services. Cost-effective and efficient, these concrete delivery services allow clients to pay for only what they use.

No wastage

These smaller delivery trucks are designed to minimize concrete waste. All the materials are stored separately until batching begins. When the batching stops, the remaining materials remain untouched and suitable for the next project. 

The trucks feature efficient machinery that minimizes the consumption of cement by a small percentage compared to the traditional drum mixing method.

Mini batch plant 

To achieve quality and produce fast concrete, these batch-type are used for their features and built-in benefits. Generally, the batching plants that produce concrete are big, require a lot of space to set up, and are costly.

Some mini concrete suppliers have mini batch plants, a small and compact equipment for small to medium-sized jobs. The best part is that it can be easily taken and transported in small areas.

One of the features (and benefits) of these plants is the short length of the machine. For a concrete batch machine that makes it easy to transfer in narrow places. Clients have several options in selecting the variants of their choice.

Easy mobility 

For a concrete batch mixer, the machine makes it very easy to be transferred in narrow spaces. Customers actually have a good number of options to select the variant of their choice. The two Both of the models are available with electric motors or with a diesel engine.

The main selling point is its excellent mobility and easy assemblage (and dismantling) which makes the machine easy to use.

Getting good mobility and easy assembling and disassembling makes the batching m ini-plant a breeze to use.  This is on top of its top features of being small and short plus the ability to navigate even in tight spaces during transport.


Simple design and mobility are among the main features and benefits of these mini concrete suppliers. The idea of the purchase is in answer to many customer requests who prefer mobility as a main feature and benefit.

Additionall, the focus on the same feature, with the inclusion of having this equipment designed to move in tight places.

(Per customer requests, some mini concrete suppliers also have big concrete batch plants with capacities ranging from 10 cubic meters per house all the way up to 200 cubic meters per hour.)

Main services

These mini concrete suppliers provide their customers top quality pre-mixed concrete to any large or small job sites in the regions they are mainly located 

These suppliers mix all their concrete from locally sourced Australian sand, stone and cement. With the presence of these mini concrete suppliers makes it possible for DIY (do it yourself) handymen have the same professionally mixed quality concrete that big commercial job sites use, all at an effective price.

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