Top Tips for Choosing Best Primary International School in Singapore

Primary International School in Singapore

An international school aligns its curriculum to match the evolving needs of the modern world. This is why students who pass out of such schools emerge as well-rounded professionals. They have a good grasp of foundational knowledge. As a result, they can use it as a stepping stone to success in their chosen vocation. 

The decision to send your child to an international school in Singapore can be a daunting one. Selecting the right international school for your kid is not just about ensuring that they have all the requisite skills that will prepare them for life.  

Here are some top tips in selecting the best primary school in Singapore that will best suit your child’s personality.

1. Check if the school has a kindergarten or preparatory campus

Some international schools offer a kindergarten campus or a preparatory campus. This allows your child to fully settle in before joining the main campus. This is particularly helpful for younger students. This is possible through play and exploration activities which are tightly integrated with the parent community. Hence it is a vital point to check prior to Singapore local school admission for foreign students. 

2. Find out from the school if they have built a strong network with reputable local and international schools

Is your child considering studying at an overseas university after completing their secondary education? Then it’s important that they attend universities affiliated with the schools. If you are unsure about the connections of a school in Singapore, ask for written proof about their affiliations. 

3. Assess the curriculum at the best primary school in Singapore

This may seem like an obvious point. But not having a good understanding of the school’s curriculum can be detrimental to your child’s development. This way, you will better understand if they are growing and developing in line with their potential. If you are unsure about the school’s curriculum, check if they offer a monitor program.  

4. Consider whether the school is fully recognised by the Ministry of Education

International school in Singapore are accredited by the MOE. This means that they have established procedures to be able to deliver high-quality education for their students. Hence, you will get a higher standard of education. 

5. Find out what the school’s alumni are doing now

This may seem like an irrelevant factor to consider at first. But understanding from the school what their graduates are up to is essential. It can give you a good indication of the quality of education that they offer. 

6. Ask about the teacher-student ratio

The best primary schools in Singapore have small class sizes. This allows students to be taught by their teachers who better understand their needs. Having a large number of students in the class is not desired. It means that your child will get lost in the crowd or that they won’t receive as much attention as they need to develop certain skills. Hence this is a vital point to check when going for Singapore local school admission for foreign students. 

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7. Don’t neglect to explore the extracurricular activities offered

International schools in Singapore are known for offering a plethora of extracurricular activities. They help students develop new skills and discover their passions. Some of these include sports, arts, dance and drama, music, and photography. Your child will have access to a variety of facilities for them to pursue their interests. 

8. Learn more about the school’s history and culture

International schools in Singapore have a strong sense of family, tradition, and culture. They promote these aspects through cultural events, community service projects, and activities such as tours. Try to learn more about their history and culture. With this, you will know more about how the school has grown and developed over the years.

9. Research and compare the teachers’ credentials

It is true that your child may be able to rely on the strength of their personal support system. But in spite of this, they must have access to supporting teachers. They should be qualified and competent in their field. It is not wrong to say that the calibre of the teacher dictates the success that a child achieves in his or her life.  

10. Find out whether the school has a reputation for being a good match for your child’s personality

All schools in Singapore aim to provide an enriching educational experience for their students. But some schools have greater success in this aspect. They excel in providing a community where students can develop their full potential better than others.

To sum it up

These were some handy tips to gauge before you finalise a Singapore local school admission for foreign students.

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