Try These Rifle Cartridge For All-round Big Game

List Of Best Cartridge For Big Games In North America

Do you struggle to play big games? You need a suitable cartridge for your firearms for target shooting. The right cartridge compatible with your firearm is also powerful and safe for hunters and animals. Several cartridge manufacturers in the market produce different loads for multiple rifles and handguns, making it difficult for hunters to choose the best-fit ammo for big games.

Whether you want to kill whitetail deer or wild buffalo, several wonderful cartridges result in accurate shooting without damaging the animal. If you are confused about choosing the powerful cartridge for successful hunting, we bring you a list of the best cartridge to save you from choosing the wrong loads for your firearm.

5.45×39 ammo Tarkov

When looking for a hunting cartridge, 5.45×39 ammo is the most reliable on the list. The best 5.45×39 ammo tarkov is an extremely powerful load used in AK-47 and other Soviet-designed firearms. The high velocity of this cartridge results in accurate shooting and does not provide damage to the animals. It has proven capability for long-range hunting, which means it is successful in hunting running deer and other big animals. Also, whether you are experienced or a beginner, this cartridge is safe to use.

6.5-284 Norma

Talking about 6.5-284 Norma, it does everything 6.5 Creedmoor can do in the field. Hunters who want high-performance loads for big games can choose 6.5-284 Norma. Whether you detest the practice of sniping big games at extended distances or you want to polish your hunting skills, this ammo is perfect. The cartridge is powerful enough to target and kill the animal in one shoot. You can fearlessly use this cartridge since it is safe to use by beginners and professionals both.

.308 Winchester

.308 Winchester is a versatile, ubiquitous, and inexpensive ammo that provides success for hunting big games. Whether you want to hunt deer, elk, or moose, this cartridge will give 100% best results without harming the animals. The overall length of the loads is 2.8 inches, half a shorter than standard, but still more powerful than many other loads. It can handle 100 grains through 200-grain bullet fps. Another best attribute of the .308 Winchester is the recoil level is a fairly short, light, and handy rifle. Overall, this cartridge is robust enough for successful big games for professionals and non-experienced hunters.

.300 Win. Mag.

Clearly, .300 Win. Mag. has significant advantages in big game hunting. This load has been well-known for its strong performance since 1963. This cartridge is ideal for the average deer hunter who hopes to hunt big game just a time or two over the years. The 3380 fp of energy slapped against the side of a whitetail deer at 100 yards seems a bit much. The good thing about this bullet is that it significantly ends hunting by killing the animal without damaging the meat. To take full advantage of .300 Win. Mag., you should toss something heavier like a 190-grain or 200-grain high B.C bullet at around 2,850 fps.

28 Nosler

While it is much older and more established, 28 Nosler is practically long-range hunting. Of all the cartridges on the list, 28 Nosler is the only one too young which is stamped popular. It is one of the fastest cartridges, ideal for hunting wildcats. The other factor in choosing the 28 Nosler for big game hunting is it is powerful and safe for experienced and beginners both. It kills the animal successfully and does not damage the meat. So if you are looking for strong ammo to kill deer, elk, and bear, 28 Nosler is ideal ammo.

.25-06 Remington

This cartridge is one that every hunter wishes to have for big game hunting. Offering outstanding velocity, .25-06 Remington is a powerful load. The weight of the ammo is really effective for hunting deer and pronghorn. With bullets in the 75 to the 87-grain range, it is also superb for predators. With this cartridge, you will be able to reach out 400-plus yards- if you are a rifleman enough to do it ethically- with outstanding effect. As for the bigger game, .25-06 is good because of its strength and weight. You can enjoy successful hunting even without injuring the animal.

.338 Winchester Magnum

Really, this is all you need for big game hunting, suitable for most experienced dangerous-game hunters. This bullet offers better sectional density, which boasts impressive performance. That means the .338 Winchester Magnum bullet will be successful for big games like deer, bear, elk, buffalo, and other dangerous animals. It is reliable ammo if you are looking for safe and effective results.

These are the best ammo for big game hunting. Choose the best suitable cartridge for your firearm and enjoy the best hunting experience. If you find this post helpful, mention us in the comment section. Also, share your hunting experience with us! Read also!

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